Always curious

For as long as I can remember I wanted to know how the world worked.

When I was a kid this mean disassembling radios, computers and other electronics. As I grew up this became a fascination with software: hacking, tweaking, writing code to make things happen. At Reed I became enthusiastically academic, enamoured with purity of mathematics and the bird's-eye view economics affords.

Each time I moved to a new subject I thought 'Ah! This is it, this will explain to me how the world really works!' I loved studying economics. I still love it: These days I'm always in the middle of at least one good investing, finance or economics book.

Right after school I believed I would work mostly to gain experience in the labor market to then better study the labor market as an economist.

I quickly had a change of heart after working with a team to ship real software to real customers. I've had a very applied role in the economy as an entrepreneur and investor ever since.

From building a startup to shipping products in a public company I strive to generate leverage through working with the best people I can to ship great product. There is no better feeling than hearing a customer extol the virtues of your work.

Most of my career has been a mix of product, engineering and GM style leadership roles.

I'm currently building products at Twitter.

I joined Twitter in May 2013 after the acquisition of Lucky Sort Inc, the Portland, OR based analytics company I started with some friends.

Before Lucky Sort I worked in the insurance industry building a team that developed machine learning and visualization tools to detect fraud & abuse in medical reimbursements.

In the past I've done research with professors in both corporate and academic settings. I even had a brief experience working on policy . I occasionally advise or invest in startups.

Oh yeah, also important, I have a cat.

I'm always interested to meet smart people working on cool things. If you think we would have a fun conversation please get in touch.